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Cos-Corp.  Made in the USA.
Made in the USA

Cos-Corp was founded by James Cos in 2009 though the concept has been bouncing around in his head for years. Even the three nautical letters that make up the Cos-Corp logo spell out COS. In his many sales and marketing responsibilities over the years, Mr. Cos has always been looking for a way to offer what could be considered the perfect product. Products built on the concept of marketing apparel and accessories that would be consumer friendly and earth friendly. By purchasing recycled products that are made in the USA, consumers can protect our natural resources and reduce landfills while supporting our local manufacturers and the economy. By marketing and manufacturing high quality, affordable recycled products made in the USA, Cos-Corp is in the business of protecting the earth and country with products consumers would enjoy. Cos-Corp's standard of giving a portion of all purchase proceeds to charities specifically chosen by the consumer, allow's Cos-Corp and it's customers to give back to our community.

Cos-Corp does not just offer apparel and accessories. Cos-Corp is a commitment; a commitment to offer high quality merchandise made from recycled material that can be recycled after its present life, a commitment to offer merchandise that is manufactured and made entirely in the United States of America, and finally, a commitment to give a percentage of all profits from any purchase back to charitable causes of your choice.

When buying from Cos-Corp you are not only purchasing quality merchandise that is fashionable and responsible, you are giving back to your Community, Country and Planet."

Thank you so much for your business.